tankers_waiting_at_singapurMediterranean Mobilities is a networking initiative aimed at fostering long-term thinking on mobility systems. Taking a ‘mobilities perspective’ it seeks to contribute to debates about the challenges facing the Mediterranean in the 21st century.

Mediterranean Mobilities is a distinctive initiative in the landscape of Mediterranean research promoting communication and cooperation between researchers, practitioners and opinion and policy makers from different nationalities, disciplines and professional backgrounds. It is concerned with understanding the relationship between different forms of travel and communication (e.g. tourism, migration, long distance trade routes and short distance everyday journeys) and their future evolution in the context of growing geopolitical and environmental instabilities.

There is an unexplored potential of collaboration between different disciplines, research groups, networks and institutions around the study of mobilities and Mediterranean Mobilities seeks to contribute to achieve greater cooperation in the emerging Mediterranean academic space.

Mediterranean Mobilities is committed to ‘slow science’ and cultivates the virtue of patience in developing long-term transnational collaborations. It was created in 2006 under the auspices of the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster where it is currently hosted.


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